Vietnam's Anthem - The Most "HÀO HÙNG" In The World

This ridiculous (and caustic) occurrence started with ridiculous (and comic (?)) joke which has appeared here: 6 National Anthems That Will Make You Tremble With Fear, on — an America's humor page.

Americans nevertheless got completely not bad tradition of humor. After all it's them, namely, themselves, who has constructed such big wall, and all names of those soldiers who had shamefully died in Vietnam war were written there, — as a big big great monument of the most idiotic death ever over the world.

And that what's caustic in it has begun here, in one of popular Vietnam's newspapers:

The name of this newspaper: "The Youth". It's an official tribune of federation of the youth of Vietnam.

Here come the contents of the article above (in section: Culture and Art):

Website has published that Vietnam's anthem — “Song of Advancing Soldiers” of composer Van Cao has won first place among the most "HÀO HÙNG" anthems in the world after a referendum of crowded readers. [*]

This is America's news page, which is qualified to make interesting statistics in the field of culture, art, science and technology, society... in the world, with millions of readers every day.

According to, readers chose 6 anthems those were sorted descending. Vietnam's anthem took place champion, the second place was La Marseillaire (France), on the 3rd place — Independence march (Turkey), the 4th place belonged to Himnusz (Hungary), the 5th was Italy's anthem: II canto degli Italiani and the 6th belonged to Algeria's anthem — Qassaman.

[*] "HÀO HÙNG" — The word in vietnamese describes something that's both magnanimous and impetuous

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